soft-GIS a Web and Mobile based GIS ( Geographic Information System ).

GIS system with a full set of functionalities ( editing, analyzing, print, plot, etc ) for replacing a classical Desktop GIS systems.

Check here a full list of features click here for testing a Demo version for Desktop and Mobile.

General features soft-GIS-base

Basis module with general GIS functions for features editing, digitizing, classification, symbology, etc.

soft-GIS map-visio

Module for providing information to the public without authentication.

Suitable for customers who needs to publish their data to everyone.

soft-GIS aqueduct

Module for creating a GIS database of the aqueduct network: hydraulic nodes, hydraulic edges, constructions, cabels, etc.

soft-GIS sewerage

Module for creating a GIS database of the full sewerage network: hydraulic elements, constructions,components, attachted objects, surface water,maintenance, source danger, measures, dokuments,overflow, etc.

Road signals, garbage, graveyards, parkings, public illumination

Simple module for handling standard infrastructure in Cities and Municipalities.

soft-GIS marinas

Module for creating a GIS database of the marinas: berths, docks, reservations, reports, etc.


Data shop

Module for selling your spatial data through a portal.

The customer may purchase data (dxf, shape, etc.) and pay with credit card or through the user account.

For more information and activation of the data shop please contact us.

Analytical accounting

soft-GIS application for the management of all maintenance works on infrastructure: sewage, aqueduct, roads, etc. It has parts for inserting works geometries, back-office, automatic cost computation and projection on the map, planning, geo-documents, maintenance request, etc.

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